Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Building Literacy in the Lower 9th Ward

During June of 2011, through the initiative of our student Anthony Johnson, New Orleans Liberation Academy engaged in partnership with ATD Fourth World Movement, the Backyard Gardeners Network and Jude's Grove to develop the Lower 9th Ward Street Library to support intergenerational literacy and offer opportunities for rigorous, thought-provoking, value-centered humanities experiences for children and their families. Our format is simple, colorful blankets on picnic tables in the garden, story telling, independent and group reading, art projects and gardening activities for neighborhood children, youth and families.

We are excited for the opportunity to expand the Lower 9th Ward Street Library with the potential support of the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities and PRIME TIME FAMILY READING TIME® grants program. With this support (should we be selected), we'll be able to expand our current program that typically serves 10-15 children to begin offering transportation, food and family reading time to 25 children and their families once a week!

As a collaborative, we'll submit our grant application tomorrow!!! Wish us luck, and come out to join us this and every Friday at the Guerrilla Garden for the Lower 9th Ward Street Library. Don't forget, we're always looking for donations of children's books, art supplies and more volunteers, so we'd love to see you!!!

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